Martial Arts Competitions

Three Martial Arts Competitions over a two day period!

We would like to invite and welcome you to the Cleveland Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do and Grappling Championships during the Cleveland Clinic Get Fit Expo – December 2 at the I-X Center. This will be a memorable event for all the participants at this tournament. The competition will help every participant gain experience, self-confidence and develop a winning attitude.

CLICK HERE for more information about the event and to register!


Cleveland Taekwondo Invitational
Cleveland Tang Soo Do Invitational Championship
Director: A.J. Perry 440-342-0378

Sport Karate Productions
Don DeVries 440-331-0010
Rick McCalin 440-343-5224
Producers of The “Superfoot” World Championship

Rogue Winter Classic

Rogue Winter Classic in association with CrossFit

The Rogue Winter Classic was the highlight of the weekend with 130 teams competing. Click HERE to find out the results.

Charity Partners

Give Back to our Great Charity Partners

Make a bigger impact with your giving. Come to together, Cleveland and support these wonderful local charities. Click HERE to learn more.

5K & 10K Race

Get Fit All Indoor 5K & 10K Race

Cleveland's most unique 5K and 10K race happened during the 2017 Expo. It was the nation's first all indoor, multi level race. Click HERE to see the results.